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Molded Pulp

Pulp is a shock absorbing material made from paper. It's materials are newspapers, corrugated papers, and milk packs. Because of the use of paper, pulp mold has breath-ability, a water-holding property, and maintains its shape. This is why it keeps fruits and eggs fresh for a long time.The ashes of old pulp mold are the same as those of trees and grass.


  • Environmental-friendly Molded pulp packaging is biodegradable and breaks down

  • Molded pulp packaging saves up to 75% space compared to foam products. Therefore, reducing the transport and storage costs.

  • Does not require additional handling such as folding and allow you to save labor cost.

  • Offers reliable protection for your products during transportation and storage by preventing the products against damages caused by impacts, vibrations and shocks.

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De - nesting capability reduce the warehouse and increase the truck load

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