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EMX has been in the industrial packaging for over 25 years. The facility was established in Ciudad Juárez on November 2006. We design and manufacture on our own, offering a complete solution to customers, starting from the concept through the final packaging solution according to the requested needs.


   Our primary mission is to reduce the carbon footprint of total packaging solutions. We are known as first-class in the packaging industry, providing the most effective solutions, not only from the products and services but also from our innovation design capability to the various applications without boundary.

We stand by the "5R" and "1D" rules:

  • Reduce: packaging material quantity/size

  • Reuse: no-waste material

  • Recycle: multiple usages

  • Recover: regenerate the system

  • Research: new solution science study

  • Degradable: waste-free on soil


Here at ERi doing the right thing is not just another cliché for us, it is what our company is based in. We are focused on applying the following values, even when no one is looking.​

  • Teamwork and determination

  • Respect and honesty

  • Inclusiveness and diversity

  • Innovation and sustainability

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Result focused


The molded pulp is entirely made from recycled paper and corrugated cardboard mixed with water, which gives it a certain level of biodegradableness.


The ability to resist impacts while preserving the entirety of a product is what makes it the perfect fit as a substitute of foams and plastics.

-Protects products from vibrations

-Absorbs a high amount of impacts


You can adapt several types of geometries to the design, which can also help to reduce the occupied volume while stacking several pieces. 

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